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Materials and methods: 472 case histories of patients with testicular torsion were analyzed. In 24 cases, there was a bilateral asynchronous testicular torsion. Preventive fixation of the contralateral gonad followed the first episode of torsion as per the original method.

Results: a more favourable course of contralateral testicular torsion was demonstrated in spite of the similar torsion degree due to the fastest appealibility as parents and patients are well informed. It is shown that the contralateral testicular fixation has no complications being an effective means of asynchronous torsion prevention.

Conclusion: preventive contralateral orchiopexy is indicated to all patients with testicular torsion as it effectively prevents the asynchronous torsion and has no complications.

About the authors

D. N. Shedrov

Yaroslavl Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital

Author for correspondence.

Dmitry N. Shedrov 

27, Tutaevscoe shosse, Yaroslavl

Russian Federation

I. A. Beresnyik

Yaroslavl Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital


Igor A. Beresnyik

27, Tutaevscoe shosse, Yaroslavl

Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2017 Shedrov D.N., Beresnyik I.A.

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