'Russian Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesia and Intensive Care' journal accepted for indexing in SCOPUS

Posted: 20.07.2023


The 'Russian Journal of Pediatric SurgeryAnesthesia and Intensive Care' journal has been successfully evaluated and accepted for indexing in the SCOPUS database.

The Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) has reviewed the journal and approved it for coverage. The message from CSAB was received on 06.07.2023.

Journal evaluation tracking URL: https://suggestor.step.scopus.com/progressTracker/?trackingID=3FB38F26BEA8BF3E 

All articles published in the journal from 2023 are subject for indexation.

The reviewer comments of Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) members are copied below: 

"This specialist journal from Moscow is publishing around 330 items per annum from a predominanty Russian Authorship, with around 60 international citations to date.

Presentation standards are high, with a good English language website.

The journal is well supported by the Russian advisory board.

The publication frequency is presently behind schedule, which I infer to be due to domestic disruption in the prevailing circumstances.

There are otherwise no obvious contraindications to accession to SCOPUS at this point.


The journal page with publication activity indicators will appear on SCOPUS.com during the next global update in the autumn of 2023.


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