Hydrometrocolpos in a newborn

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Purpose. To demonstrate a clinical case of hydrometrocolpos in a newborn and present a related literature review. Material. Our patient was a neonate born from the 2 pregnancy complicated with anemia and acute respiratory failure during trimester 1 and 3, respectively. A congenital malformation of the right ovarian cyst was found during an antenatal examination done at week 32 of gestation. Delivery at term. Planned Cesarean section was performed at 39 weeks of pregnancy after a uterine scar. At birth, the child’s condition was found satisfactory, the odds ratio was 7–8 scores. Pathological prolapse of soft and elastic formation without local hyperemia and hyperthermia through the interlabial space was found during the primary examination; it was fluctuating on palpation. Echography detected a large mass with distinct borders in the cavity of the lesser pelvis and bilateral ureterohydronephrosis. The abnormality was treated as an ovarian cyst compressing the pelvic sections of both ureters and resulting in secondary ureterohydronephrosis. A gynecologist made a puncture of the mass, liquid content was obtained and it was diagnosed as follows: a congenital ovarian cyst? A vaginal cyst? Results. The patient was consulted by a pediatric surgeon following worsening of her condition and reoccurrence of symptoms at day 7. The child was diagnosed with an imperforate hymen resulting in hydrometrocolpos. Cruciate hymenotomy resolved the condition. The girl was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Conclusion. Hydrometrocolpos in neonates often results in diagnostic and therapeutic mistakes due to differences in differential diagnosis.

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I. H. Shidakov

Republican State Budgetary Treatment and Prevention Institution “Republican Perinatal Center”

Author for correspondence.
Email: islam_shidakov@mail.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-2066-1944

Islam H. SHIDAKOV – Pediatric surgeon

Griboedova str. 77, Cherkessk, 369010
phone: 8(928)393–32–55 

Russian Federation

B. M. Kalniyazov

Republican State Budgetary Treatment and Prevention Institution “Republican Perinatal Center”

Email: fake@neicon.ru

Bakhtiyar M. KALNIYAZOV – Pediatric surgeon

Griboedova str. 77, Cherkessk, 369010

Russian Federation


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