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Introduction. Laparoscopic techniques have been applied to ensure surgical treatment of the vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) in children during the last decades. We present the experience of using the laparoscopic extravesical antireflux standard and ureter-fixed modified surgery.

Materials and methods. A multi-center prospective experimental clinical historical cohort two-group study of patients with III–V stage primary VUR. The basic group consisted of 48 children who had a unilateral laparoscopic extravesical surgery when the ureter was fixed according to the developed technique. 44 children who had a surgery according to the standard technique were included into the control group.

Results. Complete VUR removal was noted in 100% of patients from the basic group and 81.2% of patients from the control group (р <0.01). Preservation of the megaureter with complete reflux resolution was seen in 1 child only (2.1%) from the basic group who had V stage VUR (p=0.2).

Conclusions. Laparoscopic extravesical antireflux is a safe and effective surgery. Distal ureter fixation reduces the rate of VUR recurrences.

About the authors

V. I. Dubrov

2nd Children’s Hospital

Author for correspondence.


Vitaliy I. Dubrov – Ph. D. Head of the Department of Urology

Grushevskaya str., 91–169, Minsk

S. G. Bondarenko

Emergency Care Hospital №7


Russian Federation

Sergey G. Bondarenko – Ph. D. Head of the Department of Urology, Clinical


I. M. Kagantsov

Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital;
Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin


Russian Federation

Ilya M. Kagantsov – Dr. Med. Sci., Professor at the Department of Surgical Diseases, Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University, Head of Department of Urology, Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital

Sysol’skoye Hghw., 171125, Syktyvkar


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