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In the period from 1991 to 2015 years under our supervision were 203 patients with ultrashort form of Hirschsprung’s disease. All patients were divided into two groups, depending on the used methods of surgical treatment: Group 1-Lynn (58.6% of patients), group 2-rear miektomia (41.4% of patients). In the near period through 3 months after surgery in a group 1 good results reported for 34%, satisfactory-in the same way at 34%, unsatisfactory-32% of children. In Group 2 the good result was 33.3%, satisfactory-by 27.8%, unsatisfactory-38.9% have children. In the long term through 12 months after surgery in a group 1 good results reported for 55%, satisfactory-45% have children; There were no unsatisfactory results. In Group 2 the good result was at 55.6%, satisfactory-44.4% have children; There were no unsatisfactory results. Complications in the immediate postoperative period (2.9%), 6 were patients. In Group 1 (n = 119), complications were noted in 1.7% of patients, and in Group 2 (n = 84) - 4.8% of patients. On quality of life in comparison with preoperation data in both groups had a positive dynamics, but in Group 1 the results reliably surpassed those of Group 2 and is close to normal. But even in the distant postoperative quality of life indicators have not reached normal parameters in any of the above groups.

About the authors

V. G. Svarich

Republican Children’s Hospital

Author for correspondence.
Email: svarich61@mail.ru
Russian Federation

I. V. Kirgizov

Central Clinical Hospital with the clinic of the De partment of Presidential Affairs of Russia

Email: noemail@neicon.ru
Russian Federation


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